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SYMPOSIUM: The Coming Community

November 7, 2017-10:00 am - November 12, 2017-6:00 pm

Private view: 6 November 6-9pm
Open: 7 – 12 Nov 10am-4pm
This exhibition is focused on the discourse and perception of “Youth” within both a social and cultural context. The course revolves around exploring the contemporary living status of young individuals surviving and thinking in today’s intense social reality. The force of young people has played a leading role in modern history, particularly in the context of revolution. In China, The May Fourth Movement was an anti-imperialism, cultural, and political movement grown out of the anger of its student participants in Beijing on May 4th, 1919. It was considered a landmark event in pushing forward the development of new culture and a modern Chinese society. Earlier this year in Britain, the General Election results have shown that young people have powered the comeback of the Labour Party, playing a crucial role in denying Theresa May a Commons majority. In opposition to what has been stated, the image of “Youth” frequently shifts in the mediatized world, the pioneers of a revolution sometimes turn out to be depicted in the media as the crowd of a riot depending on how the narrative is controlled, while the concept of being young is widely commercialized and condensed into the ideas of indulging in pleasure and personal satisfaction. These confuse us as young people. As a method of praxis, a group of young artists rise to interrogate reality in an attempt to resist the proliferation of information and excessive images that may have anti-Youth narratives, to communicate with each other more effectively to form greater solidarity, consensus and a more realistic image of youth, and to power progression for our future.
Ayane Tominaga, Christopher Oliver, Chih Chiu, Feng Zhixuan, Guan Danju, I Liang Cheng, Julia Zeng, Kai Lai Chan, Meitao Qu, Ronni Winkler, Tsung-Yao Huang, Uchercie Tang, Wang Qing, Wencun Chen, Yang Shen, Yiming Sun, Yiyun Yan



November 7, 2017-10:00 am
November 12, 2017-6:00 pm
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