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Lavender, Hibernation and Neon

April 5-12:00 pm - April 8-6:00 pm

Lavender, Hibernation and Neon

Mia Isabel Edelgart, Matilda Tjäder, Silke Weißbach, Yoojin Lee, Yui Yamamoto Curated by Yueh-Ning Lee

Private View | Friday 5th April 6-9pm
Open | 5 April – 08.April 2024
Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday – Monday 12-6pm

Lavender,Hibernation and Neon unpacks the subversive power of passivity and vulnerability inherent in sleep and the dream in this restless 24/7 post-pandemic era. Predominantly from feminine perspectives, this curatorial research project features the reenacted and new iteration of commissioned works, including video and sound installations, soft sculptures and durational performances by five women artists: Mia Isabel Edelgart, Yoojin Lee, Matilda Tjäder, Silke Weißbach and Yui Yamamoto. The durations of each work incorporate the experiences of fatigue bodies and prompt an interruption against the poisonous social environment, spectatorship, and the pressures of productivity in the reflection to the re-accelerating world, as well as emancipates the transformational power of dream.

Lavender, Hibernation and Neon invites the audience not only to experience the dilation of sleep and dream time through the time-based media work, but also investigates how the power dynamic of passive and active bodies between artists and viewers is embodied in the gallery in response to the wrestle of rest and productivity

Free Entry.
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April 5-12:00 pm
April 8-6:00 pm
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