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September 6, 2023-10:00 am - September 10, 2023-7:00 pm

Private View: 5 September 6-9pm
6-10 September
Open daily: 10am-7pm
“Traum, or dream in German, resonates strongly with trauma, or wound, and space in Hebrew, חלל (halal) can also be translated as wound. The link between what opens, or what is open, to what is wounding, unconscious, part of the network that is dream life, is perhaps one of the most basic psychoanalytic problems—the difficulty of going there.”

    — Jamieson Webster


The difficulty of going there – beneath the social veneer, we grapple with intimate battles, a persistent tug-of-war between self-expression and self-concealment. These struggles often remain buried, locked within the confines of our individual beings.


Violence and trauma share a profound connection, with violence often being a catalyst for the onset of trauma. Foucault defines violence in this text as physical harm to the body: “A relationship of violence acts upon a body or upon things; it forces, it bends, it breaks on the wheel, it destroys, or it closes the door on all possibilities” (EEW3, 340). Violence can also manifest in various forms, including physical violence, psychological or emotional violence, and structural violence. When individuals experience or witness acts of violence, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, the effects can be long-lasting and deeply distressing. Trauma can disrupt a person’s sense of safety, trust, and overall well-being, leaving them with lasting scars and emotional wounds.


Artistic expression provides a powerful outlet for individuals to process their experiences, emotions, and pain. Artistic engagement can foster self-empowerment, promote resilience, and facilitate the healing process by providing a means of reclaiming one’s voice and agency. It offers a space for emotional release, personal growth, and the formation of new narratives that can help individuals find meaning, regain a sense of control, and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of trauma. Art becomes a transformative tool that not only raises awareness about the impact of violence but also nurtures healing, restoration, and the cultivation of resilience.


Through art’s gentle touch, trauma finds release,

Emotions woven, pain transformed to peace,

Colours paint the wounds, transforming the scar,

Voices rise in harmony, healing from afar.


Our exhibition, “Unseen Wounds”, confronts the pervasive spectre of violence with unwavering courage and artistic expression. Within these gallery walls, we embark on a transformative journey, exploring the intricate tapestry of human suffering and resilience. Through a diverse collection of captivating artworks, this exhibition unearths the invisible wounds that haunt our society, inviting us to confront the shadows and embrace the power of art as a catalyst for healing and change. As we delve into the realms of the unseen, we find a shared vulnerability, and a transformative potential that lies within the human spirit.



September 6, 2023-10:00 am
September 10, 2023-7:00 pm
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