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Stratus: An experience Combining Installation Art & Virtual Reality

November 27, 2022-9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday 27 November 2022

‘Imagine you wake up in an unknown universe. You don’t know where you are, you are just immersed in the deepest of blues in a vast, infinite space. You are floating, without gravitational pull, light as a feather and free. You have no physical body but can control where you go, where you look and what you listen to. As you begin to take a closer look around you, you see various objects and alien beings in this space, a whole world at your fingertips. You decide to take a closer look and as you start to explore, you hear music, a symphony of emotions, accompanying you in a journey that questions your own perceptive limits. 

We want to invite you to an installation created in The Crypt Gallery, Euston, the start of this story. Here you will be free to roam around the listed building until you discover VR headsets, gateways to our digital universe. Using these you are then free to explore a world situated in a science fiction story about a space mission gone wrong. As you journey through two different environments, your own identity is questioned. Where do you end and something else begin and what are the limits to your own existence? 

Join us to witness the birth of a new world. 

VR world (digital environment design), concept and story by Zhekun Wang @zhekun.wang_

Music and installation by Zacharias Wolfe @zacharias.wolfe

Exhibition produced by Zacharias Wolfe

Thank you to Tere Chad, Allyn, Raymond Brion, Anonymous, Magdalenna Krstevska, Jan Willem de With, Andrew, Shan, Henning Gravklev, David, Hedvig Kärnekull, Brenda Wolfe, Andrew Speke, Robyn Blair and The Creative Fun in helping making this exhibition possible. 

Practical info: 

You buy a ticket for a 30min slot which includes a short introduction on how a VR headset works. This is to ensure everyone gets the full curated experience and the crypt isnt overcrowded. Each slot has 3 places so if you would like to go with family or friends, please book the same slot or adjacent ones. If you are a family with kids below 12, the kids can exceed this limit so you can accompany them and you can pay a concession price for them at the door.


General admission: 8GBP + service fees. 

Concessions/Student: 5GBP + service fees. If you are a student or you are paying for a child below 12 please apply the promo code: STUDENT at check out . You will need to show a student ID at entrance.’



November 27, 2022
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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