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SEX! Human Construction & Human Connection

March 23, 2018-6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Opening times and dates:
Friday, 23rd March. 5.30pm-9pm


Sex defines the construction of all human bodies and identities, while also contributing to the way we act towards one another, the ways in which we connect. This exhibition explores the concept of sex in all of its forms; sex can be intimacy, ownership, liberty, spirituality, individuality or publicity, it can refer to objectification and eroticism, but also to the subtle intricacies defining our identities.

In today’s society, conversation is often stunted by social taboos of which one remains consistently at the top of our unuttered Unutterable List: sex. Day to day communication is often reduced to trivialities, inconsequential phatic speech defining most human interactions. The fear that judgment and ridicule will befall any individual who dares breach the line between reasonable and intolerable conversation is not easy to overcome. It manifests as governmental policy, censorship, social isolation, rejection, intrinsic suppression of thought, and disgust but in who’s interest?

We want this year’s art exhibition to open up avenues for investigating and examining sex. We want to dismantle society’s paranoia towards sex, it’s inclination to avoid, and antipathy concerning reference to subjects of an intimate nature, and its ruthless reprimanding of public eroticism and sensuality. We motion to displace entirely the idea of restricting sensual, erotic and integral thoughts with something entirely different: conversation.

Let’s talk about sex!

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March 23, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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