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INHABIT: Spaces, Places and the Everyday

April 25-8:00 am - May 2-5:30 pm

INHABIT: Spaces, Places and the Everyday

Exhibition dates: 25th April – 2nd May 2022
Gallery opening hours: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

Private View date: 28th April (5:30-8:30 pm)
With a performance by Emma Lucia Reyes @ 7 pm
RSVP: artondisplay1@gmail.com by 26th of April


The group show, curated by Laura Caratto brings together the work of artists who studied at the Art Academy London. Using various
media and questioning reality, they investigate what form communicates beyond the visible and reflect on the ways we everyday
inhabit and experience places and spaces.


Artists exhibiting:

Andy Grinham through his work – a hybrid of the real and imagined world – explores the hidden and darker spaces within society inhabited for pleasure seeking and studies the altered states of the inhabitants inside.

Ella Zimina, in an attempt to change her view of the world today, through her painting, drawing and sculpture explores how her past was mentally shaped by Soviet ideology, and questions the fragmented nature of her reality and the sense of confusion caused by those memories.

Emma Lucia Reyes questions our perceptions by merging the boundaries between dance, video, sound and sculpture producing hypnotic and ephemeral installations and performances.

Jon Faragher is a multi-media visual artist who investigates techno-fossils (obsolete objects found in the urban or rural landscape), and whose approach – a form of technical archaeology – brings together research and making based on his findings.

Livia Spinolo, through her practice that ranges from drawing to sculpture and installation, creates a different version of reality, exploring visual illusion and what space and form communicates beyond the visible.

Marina Murvanidze Mitchell explores ambiguity of unknown spaces and experiences through constructed images using photography and painting as her main media.

Mercedes Balle’s work consists of an exploration of the human relation to the natural world and an understanding of a landscape that has been modified in all aspects for human needs but in which nature resists its control.

Nao Fleming uses acrylic and oil to explore themes of memory, place and objects, interweaving her own experiences with the imagined stories of others.

Natalie Kalmus Eliasz explores themes of memory, relationship and nature connections, using forms of storytelling – including drawing – as an expression of the human yearning to share experiences, hoping to spark conversations around what it means to be here, with all our needs and collected objects, taking up space and leaving traces.

Paul Starns, a figurative artist whose practice scrutinises the individual, seeks to explore relationships, personality and identity through his paintings and drawings.

Richa Vora through her work in oil and pastel, explores what lies beyond relationships and in layers of memories, stirrings emotions in the viewers.

Ruth Swain, an Award-winning portrait, figurative and still-life artist who appeared in Sky Portrait Artist of The Year 2021, works in oil, watercolour and pastel, using visual ideas and humour to influence her work.

Simon Yates investigates the world through deconstruction and dismantling by stripping away the value of an object or idea, rendering it useless, and offering an alternative perspective, allowing the viewer, through shared experience, to bring new value to the work.



April 25-8:00 am
May 2-5:30 pm
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